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Pixie Hollow Cast

A Guide to the Fairies of Pixie Hollow

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Pixie Hollow Cast is a guide to the fairies of Pixie Hollow. Each fairy (or sparrow man) has an entry that lists their name, talent, book appearances, and shows one or more pictures. (The movies are awesome, but are not included here.) Characters mentioned in the books, but not clearly shown in the art will be included in a separate post.

Click the picture of the fairy you want to learn more about:

 photo Rain_zps4ae90984.png  photo Skye_zpsc03b8048.png

The entry for named but unpictured fairies is here.

The entry for deceased fairies is here.

If you would like to make contributions to Pixie Hollow Cast, such as more scans, or if you see an error, please leave a comment or PM me.